Get the most out of your divorce and create a phenomenal new life

Divorce is stressful, the Law is complex, the costs are high.
Divorce Angel helps you emerge from the nightmare with more energy and clarity than ever before.

“These should be the best years of my life and its all going wrong”

Sound familiar..?

  • You are a mature, smart, successful woman. Until recently, you had it all but suddenly it feels like everything is falling apart.
  • Your partner isn’t who you thought he was
  • You’re finding that dealing with legal complexities on top of the shock is exhausting.
  • You feel like you’re fighting for your children’s future
  • It’s all costing a fortune, not to mention the emotional toll
  • You are sick and tired of only ever talking about the divorce
  • No-one seems to be thinking about your needs and you can barely remember your old life and who you used to be

Divorce forces you to find out who you really are

Divorce is a tough road to travel alone. But I promise you, it’s not the end, it’s actually a whole new beginning.

As your Life Angel Coach I help you to:

  • Save on your legal fees, avoiding those costly mistakes that I am able spot quickly, having worked in the legal system for decades
  • Deal with the emotional rollercoaster and regain peace of mind
  • Not just face up to your future but to shape a new life that you really love

Relationship Station

The health of our relationships has a significant impact on our happiness.

Healthy relationships = happy people.

Let me help you to look at how we can improve the health of your relationship, so you head off bigger issues and even stop them developing. I would prefer to be saving relationships rather than dealing with break-ups. But as break-ups sometimes are inevitable, I’m here to guide you through this bewildering and challenging time.